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Wake County Computer Resources

Computers are an important part of everyday life for most people in Wake County, whether they are used for educational, personal, social or business purposes. There are many stores in Wake County that provide computer services.

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Low-Cost Computer Resources

Computers can be expensive, but many organizations provide refurbished computers at reduced costs. Listed below are local organizations that may be able to help you get a computer.

Kramden Institute

Kramden Institute’s mission is to end the digital divide. It provides free or low-cost refurbished computers to students and other nonprofits, and it offers basic digital literacy classes and training to people of all skill levels.

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InterConnection Buy Cheap Low-Cost Inexpensive Refurbished Computer

Since 1999, InterConnection has been refurbishing surplus electronics, primarily used computers, and providing them to individuals and organizations in need of technology.

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Triangle Ecycling

Triangle E-Cycling Buy Cheap Low-Cost Inexpensive Refurbished Computer

Triangle Ecycling is a nonprofit that collects computers and other electronics for recycling from businesses, organizations and individuals in the Triangle. Refurbished computers are donated and sold locally to help bridge the digital divide.

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CDI Computer Dealers Inc.

CDI Computer Dealers Buy Cheap Low-Cost Inexpensive Refurbished Computer

CDI Computer Dealers Inc. offers refurbished computers and complementary devices at an affordable cost. CDI’s mission is to provide quality and affordable I.T. hardware.

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Computer Access Resources

If you choose not to purchase a computer, there are still ways to access a computer in your area. Listed below are locations that offer computer access.

Wade Edwards Learning Lab

Wade Edwards Learning Lab High School Students Computer Access

Wade Edwards Learning Lab provides access to computers for high school students.

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Wake County Public Libraries

Wake County Public Libraries provides PCs running Windows 7 for public use in its 22 library locations. These PCs can be used to access the internet, Microsoft Office, electronic research resources and a selection of other basic programs. Below is a map of all Wake County public libraries.

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